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          UK launches test and trace program under new normal of COVID-19 pandemic更多 >>
          • In 2007, Chinese courts handed down indictments in about 38,000 drug-related cases, but last year the number jumped to 97,225, the top court said, adding that the number of drug convicts also increased to almost 100,000 from 43,000 during the same period.
          • 3 percent last month compared with February, and 2.
          • A reporter tries virtual reality glasses on the opening day of the Consumer Electronics Show Asia.
          • Premier Li Keqiang called on Monday for the establishment of a China-European Union joint investment fund and voiced support for stability of the euro.
          • Bai was hungry to learn the art and received systematic training under the instruction of Russian dancers.
          • Alibaba is expected to file as early as next week for a US IPO that could raise as much as billion.
          • Regarding reforms, while the goals laid out at the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in November have been largely reiterated, there were a few noteworthy takeaways.
          • The report is untrue, said Sun Lei, a spokeswoman for Camus, a major cognac producer in France.
          • Its a self-perpetuating cycle: Tourists come for the stunning natural wonders, locals benefit from the tourism income by offering services, thus expanding the parks capacity for tourists and drawing yet more crowds.
          • Waste incineration plants have caused many protests around China in past years because the public is nervous about possible health and environmental hazards.
          • Maren Striker (left) and Rogier Bikker pose in front of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai before setting off on their three-month journey.
          • From June 7 to 28, the average precipitation in the province stood at 185mm with the highest reaching 303 mm in the county-level city of Linan, said the headquarters.
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